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How to prep for your bridal hair and makeup trial?

Every Bride-to-be has a picture of herself in a wedding dress. This vision may not be entirely clear from the beginning and your trial day is to make sure that by the end of it, you will look exactly as you always wanted.
The trial is also important for you to find out if you feel comfortable with a choose makeup artist. You want to feel relaxed and calm on your wedding day and the people around you should help you to enjoy the day without adding stress to it.

So what is the best way to prepare yourself for your makeup tryout?

A vital part of the process is for you to choose and bring inspirational pictures of hair and makeup to try out. Do you drift toward whimsical, textured looks or more chic, structured updo’s? By showing your stylists what you like about each photo, they’ll be able to understand your preferences without your needing to know all the terminology. This is one instance when showing is probably easier than telling. Bring photos of a range of different styles and you might be pleasantly surprised by trying something new.

The condition of your skin is super important. Please make sure that you exfoliate your face with either peel-off mask, facial scrub or chemical peel (fruit acids) a day before your appointment.  

Use your moisturizer in the morning, as you do every day 🙂
For a better result, I recommend a sheet mask (moisturizing/ relaxing or nourishing) as an extra “kick” in making your skin soft and glowy. If your skin is very oily you may want to use a balancing mask.  

Come with your hair washed a day before. Freshly washed hair is too silky and more prone to freeze.  If there’s a certain hair accessory you plan to wear, definitely bring that along.  Bring your headpiece, veil and any other hair accessories to this appointment. 

I recommend wearing a white/off white/cream top and the neckline to match your wedding gown to your trial. This will help you envision what your makeup will really look like on the wedding day. 
Most importantly, this is the time, to be honest with your stylist. If you do not feel comfortable with how the hairstyle or makeup application looks on you, let your stylist know so that he or she can try something else.   


I’m a mobile make-up artist and professional beautician by trade based in Worcester, covering the entire West Midlands; Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Birmingham and Shropshire. In 2005, I trained in Theatrical & Media Makeup. During this phase of education, I had the opportunity of exploring the amazing worlds of special effects, body painting, prosthetics, wig-making, and cosmetic and photographic make-up. I have 12 years of experience in Wedding makeup artistry. I specialise in: bridal makeup, airbrush makeup, wedding hairstyles, graduation hair and makeup, special occasion makeup, birthday hair and makeup, party makeup, photography makeup and hair styling. I also provide makeup lessons and beauty treatments such as: eyebrow and eyelash lamination, semi- permanent eyelash extension, volume lashes, Russian lashes.